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... a Beast

Do you use that word? Beast. I'm chuckling to as I say it to myself, stretching the word out: BEEEAST! All beasts are not bad. (Insert nerdy girl moment here as I ask you to think of

X-Mens "Beast". Super nice and smart scientist that turns into a big furry blue thing that's super strong, and still a good guy).

Who/what else is a beast?

1) Our 85 pound lab mix that thinks he's a puppy-sized lap dog

Yard stick for scale

2) Lalah Hathaway's voice. If you're not familiar you gotta check her out. SHE SINGS CHORDS!! The technical term is polyphonic overtone singing. For anyone not trained in music theory, what that means is she can sing more than one note at a time. She can sing harmony and melody AT.THE.SAME.TIME! Like, I don't know if you understand how incredible that is, but suffice it to say, most people cannot and will not ever be able to do this. It's freaking unbelievably awesome.

3) Some projects that we tackle. They can be BEEEASTS. They may not start out that way. It's just that sometimes that's what they turn into. As we are doing one thing we find another that needs to be fixed. We find walls that are not square - typical. We find mold - not good, or termite damage - also not good. We find a job that was not done correctly by someone else - costly/annoying to the homeowner. We are contracted to do one job then asked to add one, or two, or ten others.

What do these three things have in common?

They're great things. We love that dog. We love great singers/musicians. And,

we LOVE being able to tackle those jobs and provide exceptional service to our customers.

We love that once a customer sees our great work, and work ethic in play, that they want us to do more work for them. Maybe, they start to think us as a beeast. We hope so

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